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Our massages

Each of our massages has been carefully prepared to release accumulated tensions, restore internal harmony, and provide an unparalleled relaxation experience.

From deep muscular relief to intimate connection in our couples massages, each session is an invitation to escape stress and find inner peace. Allow yourself the luxury of pampering your body and mind with our exceptional massages, taking you to a state of well-being that lasts long after you have left our space.

Individual Massages

Relaxing Massage

Pleasant sensory stimulation to relieve the tensions of everyday life. If you want to disconnect and achieve good muscle relaxation, do not hesitate, this is your massage!

Deep Massage

Designed to penetrate the deeper structures of muscle tissue and fascia. This type of massage focuses on releasing tension or muscle knots.

Sport Massage

A massage that combines friction and kneading with the aim of preparing the muscles for physical activity and for recovery afterwards.

Anti-stress Massage

A combination of different relaxing techniques aimed at achieving a full sense of well-being. It may include relaxing massage, myofascial manipulation, and/or cranial depending on the personal assessment conducted.

Facial Massage

Complete facial treatment with relaxing stimulation followed by a gentle application of specific oil or lifting for enhanced firmness.

Foot Reflexology Massage

Delightful treatment dedicated to the feet. The oils used are of high quality and are almond, sesame, and coconut-based.

Lymphatic Massage

Stimulates the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and improve circulation. It is gentle and helps to restore the body’s natural balance.

Ayurveda Massage

A full-body treatment that uses high-quality sesame oil and Ayurvedic herbs.

Thai Massage

An ancient Oriental technique practiced for several millennia, involving pressure movements aimed at promoting good energy circulation in the body combined with stretching to release tension.


This ancestral method can promote relaxation and alleviate muscle pain. Discover the revitalizing benefits of cupping at our centre.

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Couples Massages

Relaxing Massage for Couples

For couples who want to enjoy a relaxing massage together, we have created a warm and pleasant environment for the occasion. Both of you will enjoy a unique experience.

Deep Massage for Couples

Designed to explore the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia, this massage focuses on releasing tension and muscle knots. Enjoy this experience as a couple.

Do you want to make a special gift for your partner?

Our Gift Vouchers are the answer. Express your affection in a unique way, offering well-being and moments of relaxation.

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Therapeutic Experiences

Exceptional Therapies

Immerse yourself in the serenity of our specialized therapies. From Osteopathy that unlocks tensions to Acupuncture that restores energy and Wood Therapy that revitalizes, we invite you to find your balance at La Casa del Elefante.


Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it immerses you in a harmonious flow of energy along the meridians. With fine and precise needles, we stimulate specific points to enhance your physical and mental well-being. Recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Acupuncture is an experience that transcends cultures and enhances the quality of life for millions of people.


Osteopathy is a comprehensive science, based on a profound understanding of the body and takes a holistic approach. By treating the structural, visceral, and cranial spheres, it seeks to unlock the most deep-seated tensions and restore complete balance. Through expert manipulations, each Osteopathy session is an opportunity to free your body from imbalances and discomforts.

Wood Therapy

Wood Therapy, an innovative and essential technique in our distinctive therapeutic approach, is incorporated with the expert and careful use of wooden instruments. This meticulously crafted method not only facilitates drainage, improves circulation, and contributes to the deep relaxation of tissues but also awakens a unique and enriching wellness experience.

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Your Wellness Refuge in Vejer de la Frontera


La Casa del Elefante

Located in a quiet corner of this charming town, we become your personal center for care and relaxation. Our team is dedicated to providing you with a unique experience, where serenity is combined with quality therapeutic treatments. Discover our space, immerse yourself in our history, and allow us to be part of your journey towards a more balanced and fulfilling life.

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Voices that Transform

It has been a super great experience. We booked a deep tissue couple’s massage, and it relieved all our tension and some knots we had. The staff was very attentive and professional, just like the facilities, everything was perfect. Without a doubt, we will repeat.

Mike Sánchez

Very friendly service and a fantastic relaxing massage, very thorough. Totally recommendable, we will definitely repeat!!

Lorena M.

100% recommendable, excellent treatment, good service, I usually visit places like this and this is one to repeat, I have personally been lucky enough to meet them and they are great.


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At La Casa del Elefante, we believe that self-care shouldn’t be an occasional luxury but an integral part of your life. Our offers provide you with the opportunity to enjoy our exceptional services at special rates, making self-care even more accessible. Offers cannot be combined.

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The perfect way to express your affection and care for your loved ones through our exclusive Gift Vouchers.

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